A global workspace is the emerging reality for future public health workforce.

Leah Emegwa Okenwa, Stéphanie Paillard-Borg, Petter Tinghög, Fredrik Saboonchi, Eva Ingmarie von Strauss


There is an urgent need to train public health professionals at undergraduate level who can face global challenges that are due to longstanding conflicts, increasing number of displaced people, natural disasters, and growing inequalities between and within countries. Future public health professionals will lead activities ranging from national and international community planning, strategic work geared towards integration of migrants and crisis management of refugees, and humanitarian services. Consequently, the need for public health professionals with deep and wide theoretical and practical competencies in global contexts has become most relevant. In response to this need, The Swedish Red Cross University College has created such a programme leading to a Bachelor degree in Public Health Science, specialization Global Health.


global health; global health challenges; public health sciences; public health professionals; undergraduate education



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