Donationsrådet – en nationell motor för fler organ- och vävnadsdonationer

Eva Fernvall, Åsa Welin


Mot bakgrund av den låga donationsfrekvensen beslutade regeringen 2005 om att tillsätta ett nationellt råd med uppdrag att främja organ- och vävnadsdonation, Donationsrådet. Artikeln redogör för rådets uppdrag och rekommendationer för donationsarbetet.
The Swedish Council for Organ and Tissue Donation was founded by the Government in 2005, with the responsibility to promote and develop the area of organ and tissue donation in order to increase the frequency of donation. This is done by a mix of actions directed towards hospital staff and the public. So far the Council has presented guidelines for doctors and nurses working with donation, it has created a new homepage for spreading information, knowledge and promoting donation, available both for the profession and the public. The council also works very actively creating networks and building a national structure for the profession, in this area. The Council looks forward to the changes that can be made through cooperation with all stakeholders within the area of organ and tissue donation and hope that you all join us in our work. Key words: organ donation, tissue donation, Swedish Council, guidelines, public awareness.



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