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Socialmedicinsk tidskrift nr 3, 2020

Addressing sustainable health promotion in theory and practice  Nordic contexts  Nordic perspective

The Nordic Health Promotion Research Network (NHPRN) organizes international conferences every third year. In June 2019, the Centre for Health Promotion Research at Roskilde University, Denmark, hosted the ninth Nordic Health Promotion Research Conference entitled ‘Health: Societal responsibility or individual obligation? Addressing sustainable health promotion in theory and practice’.

The articles of this theme issue provide stimulating contributions that are central to understanding developments in health promotion research within a Nordic context. Concepts of social justice, equity and sustainability have been key factors in health promotion and foci for health promotion research since the launching of the Ottawa Charter 1986. Health inequalities are increasing in some Nordic countries, in spite of their high degree of income equality compared to other nations, and in spite of a political focus over many years. At the level of practice, the Nordic countries have successfully implemented health promotion principles such as equity, with exemplary partnerships between government and local actors. Despite the current positive situation, the authors identify two major threats for the Nordic countries: the increased endorsement of neoliberal approaches to governance and a rise in anti-immigrant sentiment. Both threaten equality and equity in health. Also, the responsibility for prevention, treatment, care and rehabilitation are increasingly being shifted from the welfare state on to the citizens. To a growing extent living a healthy life turns into a personal obligation.

In addition the articles of this issue present important health promotion challenges and dilemmas in the current versions of the Nordic welfare states. Initiatives are taken to enhance access to health, policies are developed to address social determinants of health, and governments propose reforms to restore more equitable health governance. However, the goals do not seem to have been reached yet, and further health promotion initiatives are still needed in the different countries. While the initial principles of health promotion form the basis for the articles.

Omslag: Kim Fomsgaard

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SMT nr 3, 2020: Addressing sustainable health promotion in theory and practice – Nordic contexts – Nordic perspectives

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