Horrified passers-by rush to rescue newborn who plunged three stories

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Shocking footage shows the panicked seconds after a newborn baby plunged from a third-floor window after supposedly being thrown out by its mother.

Witnesses claim the child landed on awning before bouncing onto the ground near a pile of rubbish in the city of Kajang in Malaysia.

Horrified bystanders rushed to see if the baby was alive as one pedestrian cradled it in his arms.

The tiny newborn survived the potentially fatal fall because the awning cushioned its landing.

Restaurant owner Thayalan Paliandy, 33, said he heard a loud thud then one of his employees screaming.





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He said: 'I didn't know what was going on and I ran out the back of the restaurant where I saw a baby boy lying motionless on the ground.

'The baby's body had turned blue and there was blood coming from injuries on his head and from his nose. I thought he was dead but then I saw his hand move.'

Mr Paliandy said that he picked up the tiny baby and flagged down a van. He then persuaded the driver to take the child to a nearby clinic.

The baby being put into a van which then drove it to a nearby clinic in the Malaysian city of Kajang (left). A passer-by (right) picked up the newborn after it plunged three stories

He added: 'My whole body was shaking.

'I could see that the little baby was having difficulty breathing and I worried that he wasn't even going to make it there.'

The baby was transferred from the clinic to a hospital where it is in a critical condition in intensive care.

Police are searching for the baby's mother and one person has been remanded in custody on suspicion of child abandonment. 


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