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Clay artists use various sorts of gear to make working with the clay simpler and to create special results for some items, however these are probably not essential. Firing - the process that fuses the particles into a solid - requires only low temperatures, low sufficient to make use of a house oven as your kiln. The colors and size should not changed during firing. You can cowl something (as long as it will not melt or burn at the low firing temperatures) with a veneer of polymer clay: wood containers, image frames, mirrors, tableware. I like these ovens for baking polymer clay. Purchase an aluminum pan, fill it with baking soda or polyester batting and slide it into an oven roasting bag. Acrylic painting on the surface of polymer clay bonds with it upon baking. It captured my interest because it combines sculpting and painting into virtually unlimited shapes and designs. Clay artists have developed methods to offer polymer clay the appearance of granite, jade, amber, coral, turquoise, and ivory, and its flexibility means you can make items in sizes and shapes that wouldn't be doable utilizing actual stone. You may match sizes or make all different sizes of beads.

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