Spike in online searches for walking and driving directions

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The Government has revealed a spike in online searches for walking and driving routes as industry sources told MailOnline Sadiq Khan failed to meet his promise that Tube services would rise to 75 per cent of pre-lockdown levels from today - with the true figure closer to 50 per cent. 

Commuters promised more carriage space questioned the Mayor of London's figures as they still had to wait long periods for trains on packed platforms where social distancing was impossible.

Today's rush hour was the busiest of the lockdown with Tube ridership between 5.30am and 10am up 18.5 per cent - compared to last Monday - with around 15,000 extra people using the underground this morning. 

But as pictures of more packed trains emerged, the Aslef union revealed that more London Underground trains could have been running on Monday but some drivers were sent home after they raised concerns about 'health and safety'. While the RMT Union also shared CCTV images of packed trains during rush hour this morning where most people were not wearing masks. 

Tens of thousands more Britons were back in work this morning but gaps between trains in the capital were still up to 15 minutes on some lines with critics demanding to know why the Mayor of London is not running a full service now common in European capital cities such as Berlin.

It comes as Apple data used in Government press conference slides has revealed a sharp increase in requests for walking and driving routes in the UK compared with early May.

The latest figures show requests for walking directions just 38 per cent beneath the Apple baseline - calculated since January 13 - with driving just 40 per cent below baseline. 

Despite these figures being well below average for this year, they are a significant increase from figures for lockdown generally.

Data for early May shows requests for walking and driving requests at around 70 per cent below the baseline - with public transport route requests hovering at around 80 per cent below baseline.

All three categories - walking, driving, and public transport route requests - took a sharp plunge when lockdown was announced in March, but public transport requests have remained the lowest since then - with walking and driving route requests now at their highest this month.

Apple data used in Government press conference slides has revealed a sharp increase in requests for walking and driving routes in the UK compared with early May. The latest figures show requests for walking directions just 38 per cent beneath the Apple baseline - calculated since January 13 - with driving just 40 per cent below baseline. Despite these figures being well below average for this year, they are a significant increase from figures for lockdown generally

The RMT Union shared this image of a packed District Line train in rush hour today - where most were not wearing masks - as Aslef said some drivers were sent home for raising health and safety concerns 

Traffic in London remains way short on pre-lockdown levels - but are increasing every day as more people return to work with congestion on the capital's roads now up four per cent today - compared to last Monday, according to TomTom data

Transport for London, which is run by Mayor Khan, said today that Tube services would be back at 75%, DLR and London Overground at 80% and 리니지프리서버팩 buses at 85% of pre-lockdown capacity as Boris Johnson encouraged as many people as possible to return to work.

But as the morning peak ended a senior Tube source told MailOnline: 'That might be the aim but in reality, across the entire Tube network, it was about 50 per cent of service.' At least 30 Tube train drivers refused to work on Health and Safety grounds saying not enough had been done to protect both them and passengers from the virus, the insider said. It is not known how long they instead to stay away but they are not expected to return soon. There are around 3000 drivers on the London Underground, including those who work for the night Tube.

Transport for London insisted 75 per cent of Tube trains were running. 

Nick Dent, Director of Line Operations for London Underground, said: 'The safety of our staff and customers is the most important thing to us as we carefully work towards a return to the level of service on the Tube closer to normal, with 75 per cent of services running this morning.

'We would never force a member of staff to work if they were concerned about safety. If they are not reassured by the evidence we offer describing the extensive safety measures we've introduced, we provide them with a detailed pack of written information and ask them to return when they are satisfied. We are always available to clarify any points which continue to be a cause for concern.'

'We have installed screens and social-distancing signage in depots and service control centres, and have implemented one-way systems to make social distancing easier. Hand sanitiser and 우아미서버 masks have also been provided to staff to reduce the risk of infection as much as possible in addition to the continued regular rigorous cleaning of the Tube. All of these changes have been fully risk assessed and comply with all PHE and Government.'

ASLEF chief Finn Brennan tweeted: 'Bizarre situation this morning where Underground managers are sending home drivers who raise H&S [health and safety] concerns..meaning fewer drivers available..so fewer trains! A driver who wasn't prepared to use a mess room where she would not be able to social distance has been sent home and told pay at risk. She lives with 84 year old parent. Shameful stuff from TFL management'.

He added: 'It's disappointing and worrying that so many people are still using the tube without face covering this morning. They are risking the safety of staff and other passengers'. 

There is a large police presence at Waterloo station in London today as train and Tube services headed back to 70 per cent to accomodate more workers

Stewards line up at Britain's busiest railway station for interchanges, Clapham Junction in south-west London, as train services were increased today

The majority of people who crammed on to this Tube train at Canning Town before 7am today were not wearing face masks as Britain returns to work 

Tube passenger Raymond Campbell, who had travelled on the Piccadilly Line from Hounslow Central to Earls Court Tube station told MailOnline: 'I waited almost 15 minutes for a train and that's not acceptable. Normally they come along every two or three minutes. We need more Tube trains to be running as quickly as possible because the number of passengers will only increase.' Shop worker Dinesh Shukla, who was returning to work for the first time today, 리니지프리서버하는법 said: 'The platform was quite crowded because we had to wait a lot longer for a train. I don't understand why there isn't a full service'.

There was also confusion growing over whether commuters should wear masks and it was revealed that stations will be shut if they get too busy with security teams brought in to manage crowds.

Sadiq Khan has said that people catching the Tube or bus should cover their faces but in contrast Sir Peter Hendy, chairman of Network Rail, said that face coverings are not mandatory on mainline trains with commuters claiming 'hardly anyone' is wearing them.

Sir Peter said: 'We are relying on people to be sensible. We want people to stay apart if they humanly can and 리니지프리서버하는법 if they can't, then a face covering is a quite sensible thing to do for the brief moments when you might be getting on or off a train or moving through a station'. He added: 'We have processes to close stations if they become too full'.

Roads also appeared busier today as Sadiq Khan brought back the congestion charge two weeks early - before the price rises from £11.50 to £15 next month and is imposed on weekends for the first time.

As Britain's travel network edged back to normal, it was also revealed today:

Ryanair boss Michael O'Leary blasts Government's 'idiotic' plans for 14-day coronavirus quarantine for arrivals into the UK;

Fears British lockdown won't hold because of prolonged good weather as Europeans pack onto beaches and throng to bars and cafes as life begins to return to normal on the continent;

PM said to be insistent he will not vary lockdown rules across the country - despite the R coronavirus infection rate ranging widely in different regions;

Government announces £130million plan to manufacture Oxford Covid-19 jab the moment it's proved to work, so UK can have 30 million doses ready by Autumn and be first nation to get it;   

But the World Health Organisation has said that Europe must prepare for a second deadly wave of the coronavirus;

Tube services are being returned to 70 per cent of capacity today but many say that it should be at 100% to maintain social distancing 

Signs warning people not to travel without face coverings and hand sanitiser stations have appeared at Tube stations

Traffic builds up on the A102 in Greenwich on the approach to the Blackwall Tunnel in south-east London as Sadiq Khan brought the congestion charge back in central London today

Sadiq Khan has again urged people to stay at home unless they have to leave - but people on public transport have complained there were not enough face masks

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