Funny Computer Repair Stories

985 04 217 Kristy Fleet (2020-12-17)

Mother can barely operate her computer despite using it for work daily. She got a free trial from one of those 'download to watch' movie sites and constantly asked me how to use it. I avoid those like the plague so told her I had no idea. 3 weeks later she calls me in a panic saying her HDD was full. She has a 500gb and 250gb so she should have space. One DL/Install later of Folder Size and I'm staring at the culprit. She'd been dying movies to watch. Sometimes copies because she said she didn't know where the first download went, couldn't be bothered to look so just downloaded it again. When asked where she did think those downloads were going she said "I don't know, just not to my computer."

Little sister's bf has Logmein installed for me to remote trouble shoot. He calls one day and says his net's not working. Asked if his modem is on, general hardware trouble shooting. We figure out his net's on but his browsers won't open which I tell him is good since if his net really didn't work, I couldn't do anything remotely anyway. He asks if I can check it out. I say sure and ask if he's doing anything that will be disturbed by me remotely controlling his stuff. He says no, he's not busy. So I log in to his system and ask one more time if he's sure and he says it's fine. When I access his desktop I'm greeted by the video of a woman getting pillowed in the ass. I guess he was going to relax and watch porn while I worked. Awkward.

Ex mother in law. Would not give up her old Compaq with its whopping 20gb HDD. Called me to say her system wouldn't let her save anything anymore. I looked inside and said her HDD was full. She said that was impossible, she saved everything on 3.5 floppy. So I go look. HUGE file in My Documents. I asked what it is. She said she'd been saving copies of all her emails in case "The net loses them". I just...stared. When she asked if she should put them (more than 2000 emails) on floppy, I just smiled and said she sure could give it a shot!
Mother. "Why can't I burn this movie onto this disc?" "Because the movie is 5gb and that's a 700mb CD, not DVD. Also because you have a CDRW drive not DVDRW drive." "There's a difference? Can't I just get a bigger CD?" "...."

Mother. Wasn't me that fixed this one but I did try. Mum's comp was suffering massive slow downs and crashes. We ran everything. Spybot, Malware bytes, Norton, etc. Nothing seemed to work. She took it to a professional to try and fix it. 3 days later he had found the problem. A toolbar she'd installed was generating viruses and he said he managed to remove them. How many? 40,000 apparently. After that mom got a sit down course from me of how to update and run her spyware, antivirus and to actually READ what she agrees to install during program updates.

I worked at Geek Squad back in the day and had a very attractive 20 something girl come in to drop off her laptop for virus removal. As we were backing up her stuff we found a cache of home made porn videos. We were browsing through all the teen videos when a part time co-worker came in to work that day. We showed him the laptop with the videos, he goes browsing the videos as everyone else is doing their own thing when he freaks. It turns out the owner of the laptop was his the daughter of his other jobs boss. When the work was done on the laptop I called the owner and told her it would be done in two days because I wanted him there when she came in to pick it up. When she came in I made him handle it. it was great just watching him turn red as he handed her the laptop. Thank you for reading and visit me at USA Computer Store in Broward Florida! And we are well know for computer repair Fort Lauderdale and computer repair Broward.

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