Apple Arcade: 11 games we can't wait to play

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From the gameplay reveal at State of Play, The Pathless looks amazing.
The Pathless
Apple's subscription mobile gaming service Apple Arcade has released over 120 games to play across  since its launch . Some of the breakout games on the $4.99 (£4.99, AU$7.99) a month service include ,  and . Apple Arcade has been steadily releasing new games every week or so and updating others. Even though the gaming service has amassed an impressive catalog of games, we're still waiting on some of the biggest titles promised at launch. Here are the games we can't wait to play once they're available: The Artful Escape Developer: Annapurna Interactive
The Artful Escape/Screenshot by Shelby Brown/CNET
The Artful Escape tells the story of teenage guitar prodigy Francis Vendetti. On the night of his first performance, Francis finds himself on a psychedelic quest of self discovery. Along the way, he battles dead folk legends and, at times, his own imagination. The Artful Escape was first announced at E3 2017 and was listed in the Apple Arcade lineup last year. The X019 trailer promises a colorful, neon, musical side-scroller.Box ProjectDeveloper: Aquiris
MrMacRight on YouTube/Screenshot by Shelby Brown/CNET
When Box Project was announced for Apple Arcade, there weren't many details available aside from a photo of a cardboard box. Information is still sparse online, but CNET reached out to Brazilian gaming studio Aquiris for more information. A video from YouTuber MrMacRight showed just a few seconds of Box Project in early June and suggested the name might be a working title. The images looked like a medieval style scene with a Wii-like character wielding a sword while battling little green goblins. 

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Enter the ConstructDeveloper: Directive Games
Not many details were available about Enter the Construct last year, except that it was expected to be available at Apple Arcade's launch. At that time, the images and videos showed the game as a first-person sci-fi shooter. Since then, there has been little to no information about Enter the Construct, so it's possible it's taken on a new name or has been canceled. CNET reached out to Directive Games and we'll update when we hear back. FantasianDeveloper: Mistwalker
Fantasian's creator Hironobu Sakaguchi, a mastermind behind multiple RPGs including Final Fantasy, posts updates about the upcoming JRPG game fairly regularly on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram. If you're excited about Fantasian, you can scroll through Sakaguchi's social media and 아시안게이밍카지노 get a look at the game's concept art and the handcrafted dioramas as they're being built. Mistwalker has posted designs of New Town En, Magitech Factory in Machine City, Secret Base and the Water City of Vence from the game.HitchHikerDevelopers: Mad About Pandas
HitchHiker/Screenshot by Shelby Brown/CNET
HitchHiker is a mystery puzzle game where you play as the hitchhiker who doesn't remember anything about their identity, their past or their destination. You'll travel with five different drivers and make choices in the conversations that can help you remember your dark secrets. Solve environmental puzzles, keep an eye out for clues everywhere and make alliances -- but remember that nothing is what it seems. The Last CampfireDeveloper: Hello Games
Nintendo/ Screenshot by Shelby Brown/ CNET
The Last Campfire was listed as "coming soon" in an iOS 14 beta leak, according to a screenshot from Touch Arcade. 

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