Get this 20,000-mAh power bank that can charge three devices at once for $20

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Just because we're all staying home these days doesn't mean we don't need a good power bank or two. In fact, I've redefined portability in recent weeks as "working away from an outlet," rather than working away from home. That can be on the living room sofa or out in the backyard. And with some excellent prices on power banks these days, there's no reason not to have a couple on hand so one's always fully charged and ready to go. Right now, you can get a 20,000-mAh Power Delivery power bank for $20.

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Is it the best price on a 20,000-mAh power bank ever? Nope, I told you about one for $15 just a couple of weeks ago. But $20 is a Cheapskate-worthy price, and this one has a lot to recommend it.

For starters, this Cincred power bank has something you don't see very often: 카지노 a gorgeous digital display that doesn't just give you a few dots to indicate charge level. Instead, it has a digital readout tells you exactly how much battery capacity is left. It also displays the current amperage and voltage of the devices it's charging -- a very cool feature.

The power bank has three standard USB ports and a USB-C port. The USB-C port is a dual-mode connection; you can use it to charge devices up to 18 watts, or to charge the battery itself. You can also top off the battery via Micro-USB or -- here's something I have literally never seen before, ever -- via an Apple Lightning cable. That means you can charge up the battery using the same Lightning cable that you charge your iPhone, so you can deal with one fewer cable.

It can charge multiple devices at once, all at high speed. In fact, there's really only one thing the power bank can't do that I'd love to see, and that's Qi wireless charging. You can't have everything. But it does have 4.5-stars based on about 1,300 ratings.  


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