Netatmo wants to watch the weather for you

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The $180 Netatmo Weather Station wants to take armchair meteorology to a whole new level. Its two modules are capable of monitoring things like temperature, humidity, carbon dioxide, and หวยฮานอย even noise levels both inside and outside of the home. A Wi-Fi connection means that you'll be able to monitor all of it on your phone, tablet, or computer. Throw in the full-scale integration with the popular online automation service IFTTT, and the fact that Netatmo was recently included during the announcement of , and you're suddenly looking at one of the most well-connected weather trackers available to consumers. If you're a hardcore hobbyist or a longtime weather geek, I've probably got your attention, but if not, I might have lost you at "armchair meteorology." That's kind of the problem here, as the average consumer is likely content with any of the numerous free weather apps they probably already have. If you live in a rural area, where location-specific weather information can be hard to come by, or if you need to monitor the conditions in something specific, like a wine cellar a greenhouse, or maybe a second home, I think the Netatmo makes sense. Otherwise, you'd probably need to consider yourself one of those full-fledged weather geeks in order to justify spending this much money.

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