A Brief Overview of Product Information Management System

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What is a Product Information Management System?

Product Information Management is an information sharing and managing system, which is highly used for businesses and marketing. PIM is generally centered on marketing and sales and its implementation help companies achieve higher revenues and profit. It works with a motive to sell and market the products through the required distribution channels effectively. PIM can be implemented by various entities such as websites, ERP systems, print catalogs, and electronic data feeds.

What is the right time to consider PIM?

The most obvious reason for implementing PIM is to manage your unorganized product data. There are different types of information required to place in a sole point of storage including technical data, data classification, catalog information, marketing highlights, and manufacturer information. Various departments and units in your organization may need to access one or more of these data at the same time. All these needs are possible through Product Information Management. There are various other factors that bring the need for a PIM system including lots of products, users, sources, channels, customer segments, and product complexity. Irrespective of geographical locations and various business departments, Product information management allows simultaneous editing, accessing, and creating data by different individuals.

What can PIM?

Implementing Product Information Management can help you meet the requirements of customers as information can be updated or edited easily.

With PIM, the information can be easily and effectively managed.

Implementing PIM allows easy interfacing with the other systems and as a result, less information has to be updated manually.

The most important strategic benefit provided by the PIM systems is that it gives a uniform customer experience across all channels.

Marketing time can also be reduced with the implementation of PIM. It allows development, production, 유로247 and selling across multiple locations, countries and time zones by multiple partners.

There are many types of tools and most of them have standard databases to store information. This allows the users to input data easily even with little technical knowledge. The current PIM applications include electronic catalogs, website/webshop content, and product catalog. Along with inventory management and logistics systems, PIM can provide real cost savings for a swifter ordering process with quality and dynamic content.

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