Vol 97, Nr 3 (2020)

Nordic Health Promotion Research


Global Warming, a Major Challenge for Health Promotion Research PDF
Bo J.A. Haglund 353-363

Tema: Nordic Health Promotion Research

Addressing Sustainable Health Promotion in Theory and Practice - Nordic Contexts – Nordic Perspectives PDF
Anne Liveng, Nicole Thualagant, Catrine Kostenius, Sami Kokko 364-372
Politics, Policies, Practices and Outcomes: Despite Canada’s Reputation, the Nordic Nations are the Leaders in Health Promotion PDF
Dennis Raphael, Toba Bryant 373-392
Addressing the Social Determinants of Health in the Nordic Countries: Wicked or Tame Problem? PDF
Elisabeth Fosse, Marit Kristine Helgesen 393-404
The Nordic Income Equality Model in Health Promotion PDF
Steffen Torp, Jon Reiersen 405-416
Health Promotion in Denmark: from Critical Potential to Individualisation and Marginalisation PDF
Betina Dybbroe 417-432
Why did Social and Healthcare Services Reform Fail in Finland? PDF
Heikki Hiilamo 433-441
Marginalized Citizens Experiences of Middle-class Moral Judgements in Communication with their GPs PDF
Iben Charlotte Aamann, Birgitte Ravn Olesen 442-453
State-organized Health Education in Germany – Health Literacy Promotion within Health Compromising Regulations PDF
Stefanie Harsch 454-466
Twenty Years of Research on Social Capital and Health: What is the Utility for Health Promotion? PDF
Malin Eriksson 467-477
Linking Critical Social Innovation and Health Promotion – Reflections on a Project Working with Young Marginalized Mothers in the Outskirts of Denmark PDF
Kristian Nagel Delica 478-487
How is Health Promotion Research Undertaken in a Nordic Context? A Scoping Review of Doctoral Dissertations from 2008–2018 PDF
Andrea Eriksson, Heidi Myglegård Andersen, Charli Eriksson, Aud Johannessen, Nina Simonsen, Nicole Thualagant, Steffen Torp, Anne Trollvik, Bo J.A. Haglund 488-502


Open Letter and Demands to EU and Global Leaders PDF
Helen Hedlund 503-505
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