Making social determinants of health real in one Swedish city

Michael Marmot


A strong feature of this Malmo Review is the twin focus on what it is trying to achieve and how it thinks it should be done. One key aim is a social investment strategy; the other aims for an inclusive process. Such a process entails good governance and involvement of civil society and relevant sections of the population. The Malmo report includes detailed and high quality information, which is of the utmost importance. I was particularly pleased to see in the Malmo Review: A society’s development can be judged by the general level of health and the degree of inequity in the distribution of health in the population. The substance of its recommendations – everyday conditions of children and young people, residential environment and urban planning, education, income and work, health care, sustainable development – are entirely consistent with those of the CSDH. What is fresh and important is the detailed attention to how these can be made concrete in the specific context of Malmo.



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